Constitution and By-Laws

(Revised March 2011)

ARTICLE 1 -    The name of this club shall be the Emory University Woman's Club.

ARTICLE 2 -    The organization is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.  The object of this club shall be to foster social life  among its members, to promote the welfare of the student body, and to further the interests of the University in every way possible.

ARTICLE 3 - This club shall have two types of memberships:

(A) regular members and

(B) honorary members

(A) Regular members of this club shall be members, or their spouses, of the Emory University faculty, emeriti faculty, staff, Board of Visitors, Glenn Memorial Church staff, and affiliates of the University community, or shall be connected with the Emory University community in capacities other than those specified.

Anyone who has been eligible for membership in the Emory University Woman's Club may continue as a regular member by continuing to pay dues.

Retired members who are no longer active may continue to receive the Newsletter upon request to the President of the Club.

(B) Honorary members of this club shall be members of the Board of Trustees, former presidents and chancellors of Emory University and their spouses. 


Section 1.    The officers of this club shall be president, vice-president, second vice-president, recording secretary, third vice-president (newsletter editor), treasurer, and parliamentarian. 

Section 2.    The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of Emory University Woman’s Club and the President of  the University or the President’s spouse.

Section 3.     The Executive Board shall consist of all officers of Emory University Woman's Club, the President of the University or the President's spouse and the chairs of all standing committees.

Section 4.    The officers shall be elected annually at either the March meeting or the April meeting. The nominations shall be presented at the membership meeting the month preceding the election.

Section 5.    No members shall hold the same office more than two con- secutive years.  However, at the request of the nominating committee this  requirement may be suspended for one year by a two-thirds vote of a regular quorum.

Section 6.     By a two-third majority vote, the Executive Committee has authority to fill any vacancy among the officers during the year.

Section 7.     A Nominating Committee of not fewer than five members shall be appointed by the president, confirmed by the Executive Com- mittee, and announced at the January meeting.

Section 8.     A Finance Board shall be composed of the EUWC treas urer, president, past president, and one or more to be appointed by the president for a minimum of four to meet quarterly to assist the treas urer and the club in its operation.  Part of this responsibility shall be to ensure an audit of the club records annually.

Section 9.     Upon the dissolution of this organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.  The first choice for distribution of  the organization’s assets is the Fellowship and Scholarship Ac counts, in equal shares, established by this organization for students of Emory University.  The second choice for distribution is Emory Uni versity, and if neither of these distributions are possible, to the federal, state or local government for a public purpose.

ARTICLE 5 -   The meetings shall be held monthly from September through May.

ARTICLE 6 -    Twenty regular members shall constitute a quorum.

ARTICLE 7 -   This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of a regular quorum after the amendment has been presented at a previous meeting.


ARTICLE 1-   The dues of all members shall be determined by the action of the Executive Board.  (See CONSTITUTION, Article 4, Sect. 3 for membership of Board.)  Members whose dues are one year in arrears shall be dropped from the roll after notification.  Reinstatement of membership may be made upon payment of current dues.

ARTICLE 2 -   Newcomers to the Emory University community shall be in- vited to become members, and shall be enrolled as members upon receipt of dues.

ARTICLE 3 -    A copy of the Constitution shall be entered in each secretary’s yearbook and shall be printed in each club yearbook

Standing Rules

(Approved April, 2005)

     The Finance Committee is responsible along with the Treasurer for yearly budget planning and projected fiscal planning.

     Funds from the operating account shall be dispensed in accordance with the annual budget, which is prepared by the Treasurer with input from the Finance Committee and approved by the Executive Committee, the EUWC Board, and the general membership each fall.

     All expenditures not governed by the budget shall be approved in advance subject to the following rules:

  1. Money for the Memorial Library Fund shall be taken from the Projects account as needed. 
  1. Funds received from the University for the Fellowship Award shall be deposited in the Fellowship/Scholarship Account until needed for the annual Fellowship Award. 
  1. All requests for non-operating funds, including “seed money” for club activities, shall be made in writing to the Executive Committee through the President. Amounts up to $100 may be approved by the Executive Committee. For amounts greater than $100, the Executive Committee shall refer the request to the Finance Committee for a recommendation. The Executive Committee at their discretion may also refer the request to the membership for a vote. 
  1. Funds in the Fellowship/Scholarship Account may be used only for fellowships or scholarships.